Important COVID-19 Information

ACA COVID Test Coverage Q & A (Added Jan. 17. 2022)

OSHA COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing; ETS; Summary and Explanation (added Jan. 17, 2022)

COVID Question / Answer (added Jan. 7, 2022)

AGC of America Continues to Litigate COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates (added Jan. 6, 2022)

CDC Updates On Isolation and Quarantine (added Dec. 29, 2021)

Vaccine Requirements (added Nov. 12, 2021)

OSHA COVID-19 Vaccination Emergency Temporary Standard Summary and Explanation (added Nov. 10, 2021)

OSHA Unveils Details on Vaccine Mandate for Large Employers (added Nov. 5, 2021)

Biden Administration Announces COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates (added Sept. 13, 2021)

COVID-19 and Delta Variant Update (added Sept. 1, 2021)

Bridge Phase-May 14, 2021 (Added May 7, 2021)

Links for COVID Information:

Added 3/19/21

A Bridge To Phase 5

OSHA National News Release

U.S. Department of Labor Updated Interim Enforcement Response Plan

Added 3/9/21

COVID-19 Guidance for Union Construction Employers

Added 1/27/21

Vaccination Q&As for Construction Employers

Added 1/21/21

CISA Guidance on Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers information  

CDC Covid Non-Healthcare Environment End Isolation -

Fogless glasses information #1

Fogless glasses information #2

GPS Cleaner Air With Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization –

Nuwave Air Purifier –

Added 1/15/21

Illinois Resurgence Mitigation Plan

Press Release from the Governor's Office When Limited Indoor Dining Can Resume

Added 12/22/20

COVID-19 For Contractors:  Best Practices on Jobsites-January 8 at 10 a.m. 

Added 11/18/20

Restore Illinois Phase 3: Recovery

Added 11/17/20

SIBA Current Information Bulletin #15-20 Effective November 20, 2020

Added 10/26/20

SIBA Current Information Bulletin #14 - Update on Restrictions Effective October 28, 2020

Added 9/1/20

Resurgence Mitigations for Region 4 Effective 9/2/20

Added 8/31/20

FFCRA Multiemployer Benefits Contributions Analysis and Q & A

Added 8/25/20

Updated Safety Guidelines for Restaurants and Bars to Protect Patrons and Workers From COVID-19

Added 8/17/20

Resurgence Mitigations for Region 4 Effective 8/18/20

Added 8/12/20

IDPH Emergency Rules

Added 8/11/20

Gov. Pritzker Announces Efforts to Protect Illinois Communities and Frontline Workers in Response to Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic

Added 8/3/20

11 Illinois Counties at Warning Level for Coronavirus Disease

July 27, 2020 State of Illinois Executive Order 

Added 7/29/20

SIBA Safety News #17-20

Added 7/20/20

Actions To Combat Resurgence

Added 7/16/20

Comparison of Face Coverings

OSHA Adds More COVID-19 FAQs

Added 6/30/20

A Message From the SIBA Board of Directors and Staff

Added 6/22/20

SIBA Safety News #15-20 With Re-Open Illinois Plan to Phase 4

Added 6/19/20

SIBA Safety News #14-20 with OSHA Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Face Masks and their Usage on the Job In Regard to COVID-19

Added 5/28/20

SIBA Safety News #12-20 with OSHA Guidance to Help Construction Workers During Coronavirus Pandemic

Added 5/27/20

Center of Disease Control Workplace Decision Tree

Added 5/26/20

SIBA Safety News #11-20 Containing Safe Re-Opening of Businesses Information

Added 5/21/20

SIBA Safety News #10-20 with Capital Development Board Safety Measures and Information on Blue Surgical Face Masks For Sale

Added 5/15/20

AIHA Protecting Worker Health Guidelines for Returning To Work:  Construction Environment

Added 5/12/20

Restore Illinois Plan

Added 5/11/20

Summary of Results from COVID-19 Survey

Added 5/8/20

Scheffel Boyle CPA's Webinar on "Status of PPP Loans, Tax Credits and Deferrals and SBA Loan Programs"-May 20

Added 5/4/20

Illinois Workplace Health and Safety Guidance for Employees and Staff of Businesses

Added 4/30/20

Illinois Revised Executive Order in Response to COVID-19 Date April 30, 2020

SIBA Safety News #8-20 On Guide To Reopening Safe Workplace After COVID-19

Added 4/28/20

SIBA Safety News #7-20 With OSHA COVID-19 Guidance and Face Masks Options

Added 4/27/20

SIBA Current Information Bulletin #6-20 on IL Work Comp

Added 4/24/20

SIBA Current Information Bulletin #5-20 on IL Work Comp

Added 4/17/20

AGC of America COVID-19 Resources

FAQ-COVID-19 Wearing Gloves and Masks

Added 4/14/20

OSHA Enforcement Guidance During COVID-19 Outbreak

Added 4/13/20

FFCRA Multiemployer Benefits Contributions Analysis and Q & A

Illinois Workers Comp Law

Added 4/10/20

Cleaning Tools To Prevent Spread of COVID-19


CDC Guidelines Critical Workers Implementating Safety Practices

Added 4/9/20

Governor's Office Daily COVID-19 Question & Answer-April 8, 2020

Added 4/8/20

Coronavirus Checklist

Added 4/7/20

SIBA Safety News #4 

Tool Box Talk-Stress and Coping

Tool Box Talk-Contingency


House and Senate Challenging Certain DOL's Guidelines

CISC Sample Plan for COVID-19

Added 4/6/20

COVID-19 Collective Bargaining Agreement Summary

Jackson Lewis FFCRA Department of Labor Temporary Rule:  Section-by-Section Analysis of Key FFCRA Rule Provisions

Advisory Memo on Identification of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers During COVID-19 Response 

Missouri Stay At Home Order and Andy Martone Comments

Added 4/2/20

FFCRA DOL Regs 2020

FMLA Employee Request Form

Request for Emergency Paid Sick Leave

IRS COVID-19 Related Tax Credits for Required Paid Leave Provided By Small and Midsize Businesses FAQs

Essential Work Certification


Added 3/31/20

FEMA COVID-19 Emergency Declaration - Essential Critical Infrastructure Worker

AGC of America Coronavirus Safety Message 

CDC Recommended Safety Measures

Sample Plan for COVID-19 - Exposure Prevention, Preparedness and Response

Governor Pritzker's Daily Office COVID-19 Q & A-March 30, 2020

Added 3/30/20

Hesse Martone Families First Coronavirus Response Act Questions and Answers - Andy Martone

AGC of America CARES Act Analysis for Construction

Hesse Martone Questions and Answers - Employer Tax Credits

Added 3/27/20

CDB COVID-19 Update to Industry Partners

Construction Industry Safety Coalition

Company Notice

State of Illinois ExecutiveOrder

Jackson Lewis Summary

US Dept of Labor Families First Coronavirus Response Act

AGC of America Comprehensive Analysis

Families First Coronavirus Responce Act Notice and Poster