See what our Members are saying about Southern Illinois Builders Association

SIBA provides a wide array of invaluable services, information, and programs for its members.  The organization is an advocate for the construction industry and for the entire region.  The leadership of SIBA is engaged and committed to work for the benefit of all members. We have made valuable connections through SIBA and never hesitate to renew our membership each year.

-Mark Korte, Principal, Scheffel Boyle CPAs

Lately we've been receiving updates from SIBA, as well as the AGC, and they have proven to be extremely helpful during this confusing time.

Gillihan Concrete, Inc.

SIBA builds a community of building professionals that we can refer to.

Brian McGuire, V.P. Operations/Safety/Project Manager, Geissler Roofing Co., Inc.

SIBA is a top notch organization.

Joel Sharp, Executive V.P., Geissler Roofing Co., Inc.

SIBA has a great staff and a fantastic safety program!

Brian McGuire, V.P. Operations/Safety/Project Manager, Geissler Roofing Co., Inc.

SIBA provides up-to-date information on COVID-19 and how the industry is responding.

Brian McGuire, V.P. Operations/Safety/Project Manager, Geissler Roofing Co., Inc.

SIBA has the best plan room!

Jamie Weaver, Director of Business Development, Geissler Roofing Co., Inc.

Happy 75th Anniversary SIBA!

The Whole Team at Geissler Roofing Co., Inc.

SIBA is a great value for the money.

Pete Korte, Korte & Luitjohan Contractors, Inc.

I joined the SIBA through an employer in the early 1980s, and I have continued membership through several subsequent employers, and currently am involved on the Safety Committee although I am retired. Over the years I have seen the SIBA continuously strive to update, improve, and add services and programs to better serve the membership. In addition to safety and health services; I have seen notices and bulletins offering value programs for the construction industry in many areas such as human resources, labor, estimating, law, etc. Social gatherings hosted by SIBA also present a chance to network with other construction professionals providing a means to keep current on construction practice evolution.

John Sullivan, Retired

As a sub-contractor SIBA is a valuable partner for our company.  The educational and safety programs, electronic plan room, political advocacy, and social opportunities are all tools for our success.  SIBA truly is the voice of the construction industry in Southern Illinois.

Ken Keeney, CEO, Pyramid Electrical Contractors, Inc.

SIBA is the organization that brings the Construction Industry together in Southern Illinois. They provide the latest  info on safety, education and  legislation that affect our industry. Their industry events give us the opportunity to meet and interact with so many people.

Mike Gould, Gould Flooring Services, Inc.

The leadership and staff at SIBA are committed to providing their members with appliable resources, educational platforms, and networking opportunities to effectively manage their individual operations.  Members are equipped with the most up to date information and construction industry practices to stay competitive in the current market and make plans for sustainability and future growth.  This is one of the many reasons that our family of contracting companies have been members of SIBA for decades. 

GRP | Wegman and Lowry Electric

Congratulations on 75 Years in Business SIBA!

Waggoner Equipment Rental, L.L.C.

The name Southern Illinois Builders Association suggests both tradition and innovation. SIBA has a distinguished legacy of service to construction employers since 1945. These time-honored programs have ensured that the members of the Association continue to see significant value in affiliation. At the same time, SIBA has embraced innovation to keep its membership on the cutting edge of technology. Through this dual approach the competitiveness of its member companies is always assured. I was proud to have enjoyed a small role in the progress and evolution of this fine organization of contractor members and look forward to the Association's continued leadership role.

Tim Garvey, Previous CEO of SIBA


Like any business during this pandemic, we have had to limit our spending to only on products, services, and memberships that we know will guarantee a return.  Our membership to Southern Illinois Builders Association, under Donna Richter’s leadership, is one such guarantee.  As members of SIBA, we have taken full advantage of important safety training and career development programs, as well as Lunch and Learns, that are offered to members at a very reasonable cost or no cost at all.  We have also had the privilege of sitting on the SIBA safety committee. This monthly committee meeting provides a forum to learn from presenters and other members, as well as exchange ideas.  SIBA also provides many networking events throughout the year. We are able to meet with many fellow contractors and unions representatives in a comfortable, casual setting.  These relationships are vital for a successful business; without SIBA we would not have this exposure.  SIBA is an instrumental leader of SIOSH/ SafetyCon, which is a yearly safety conference that provides valuable safety workshops for hundreds of participants in the region.  Last but not least, SIBA is a valuable resource for information.  This year, SIBA has been at the forefront of communicating the latest updates of state and federal laws regarding sexual harassment training and COVID-19 expectations and polices.  We have based our sexual harassment training and COVID-19 protocol on information that SIBA provided to us. 

Tamara Walker, TekSolv

Congratulations on SIBA's 75 anniversary!

Dr. Chris Gordon, SIU Edwardsville

Congratulations Donna and SIBA!

Patrick Mandeville, Bank of Springfield

Rooters has been a member of SIBA for 20 years now.  They charge a minimal fee and endless services.  They are my “go to” people when I need answers and always receive a quick response.  We would highly recommend them to anyone working in the construction industry.

Jill Garcia, Rooters American Maintenance, Inc.

Congratulations to SIBA on 75 years of exceptional service to its members and the construction community.  The promotion of industry knowledge, training, education and safety is unparalleled in the area.  We have enjoyed our long-standing relationship with the organization and its staff, who are wonderful to work with.

Byrne Software Technologies, Inc.